Majacraft Skeiner


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The Majacraft skeiner is a new way of looking at skeining your yarn. We designed this from the ground up to be something special. It is constructed in New Zealand Tawa that has a light colour with nice even grain. To make the skeiner always stable, we have used three legs. This is important because it can be very irritating to have the skeiner rock about when turning the skeiner arms. The stem and base assembly are held together with barrel nuts so it is very easy to disassemble should you want to pack it down small.

We have also added a bobbin bar to the base with a scotch tension. No other skeiner has this integrated into the design. Now you can always get perfectly evenly tensioned yarn in your skein. No more over-running from lack of tension or skeins that are too tight! The arms have polymer bearings pressed into them and then turn on a precision stainless steel shaft. This allows the arms to rotate smoothly without any flopping around on the shaft. We also include a tension washer so you can adjust the tightness of the arms to your exact requirements.

We also include a spacer tube that allows you to use the skeiner arms as a wheel skeiner on your Majacraft wheel. Simply remove the skeiner arms from the stand then slip the spacer and arms on to the spinning wheel and it just works. Easy, efficient, elegant.

For the most feature rich skeiner with a level of quality to match, look no further than the Majacraft skeiner!

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Weight 2 kg