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Majacraft has designed flyers for every purpose we could think of. From lace to regular to bulky spinning, you are sure to find just what you need. Our flyers are universal and will fit on all Majacraft wheels.

Much of our innovation is in our flyers. Ceramic guides in our e-systems and Wild Flyers are super hard wearing and the low friction coefficient makes the yarn slide like silk. We use hard wearing stainless steel yarn guides and fibre glass flyer arms. The lightweight and scratch resistant flyer arms are easier to spin with than ever before. All of our flyers are balanced by hand to ensure they provide smooth and vibration free operation.

Standard Delta Flyer

The Delta flyer is unique to Majacraft and is exceedingly easy to use while being a great general purpose flyer. The open cup hooks and delta make threading the yarn simple. There is very little that cannot be done with a Majacraft Delta Flyer.

Standard Fine

The Fine Fibre Flyer has a stainless steel orifice and is suited to spinning finer yarns. Because the round orifice holds the yarn in a centralised position, it is best for long draw style spinning. The Fine Flyer is also available as the ‘E-System’ which has hard-wearing, super-smooth ceramic inserts in the orifice and flyer hook.


The Lace Flyer is a variant of the E-Flyer. However, it has a shorter flyer bar and hence has less inertia when spinning fine yarns at high speeds.It also has the low friction ceramic inserts in the orifice and flyer hook. The Lace Flyer and lace bobbins come in the Lace Kit designed specially for spinning fine yarns.


The Plying Flyer is very similar to the standard general purpose Delta Flyer. The difference is that it has a long flyer bar to accomodate the Majacraft jumbo plying bobbins. Just like the Delta Flyer, the Plying Flyer is very easy to thread and simple to use.

Wild Flyer

The Wild Flyer is another unique Majacraft innovation. It has been designed to spin Wild Yarns and has a large 23mm ceramic orifice to allow the bulkiest of yarns to flow with ease. The Wild Flyer will also allow you to turn your Majacraft wheel into a bulky spinner, no need to purchase a new wheel to spin carpet style yarns.

Because of the large size of the rings and flyer bar, the Wild Flyer is best suited to running at lower speeds.


The E-Hook is a Majacraft flyer hook with a hard-wearing ceramic insert. They have a very low friction coefficient so the spun yarn glides through the hook. The E-Hooks are available as part of an E-System or on its own. The E-Hooks come in two sizes, 6mm or 10mm orifices and will fit any Majacraft Flyer. NOTE-this image is not to scale.

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