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The Majacraft Dynamic Heddle loom enables innovative new weaving. Instead of a fixed set of reeds, our reed segments are individually machined to different dent sizes. It is now possible to weave with a set of the same reeds or try mixing them up, moving them around or even shuffling them in and out of the heddle during weaving!

Rather than awkward wooden blocks to juggle the heddle into when weaving, the Dynamic Heddle loom uses rare earth magnets to secure the heddle in place. It makes the weaving movement fast, easy and most importantly fun. The heddle mounts have been designed in such a way that the loom supports double heddle weaving from standard.

The loom has special warp pegs that can be used to mount it comfortably on a table if you wish to weave on a table or alternatively a stand is available.

The Dynamic Heddle loom folds in half so is very portable. This keeps it very compact when not in use or easy to move if you wish to transport it.

To further increase the creative opportunities possible with the Dynamic Heddle Loom, we have also created the new wave shuttle that has two different wave shapes cut into the side and can be used to beat amazing patterns into your cloth.

Jump in and join the adventure with us!

Included with the loom is:
– 1 24″ Dynamic Heddle Loom
– A set of 9 reed segments (EITHER 9x4dpi reeds OR 3x2dpi, 3x4dpi, 3x6dpi reeds
– A set of 3 stick shuttles in different lengths
– Combo hook (integrates a long and flat hook into one tool)
– Direct warping block
– Majacraft bench clamp
– 5 warp pegs (+ 2 extra short pegs that are used for a table mount)
– Warp cords

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