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crasy trio roseBy Rose A.

As an avid sock knitter, I have tried a number of different ways to knit socks. In chats with fellow yarnaholics, I have learned that there are certainly different strokes for different folks and there is a huge variety of preference for top down or toe up constructions, dpn’s made of wood, metal or carbon fibre. Short and long needle tips of various materials as well as varying length of cables for those who cannot abide dpn’s. We all have slightly different ways of knitting and I have been fortunate to have some experienced yarnaholics give me their tips to help me turn out a more polished product.

So when I spotted the new Crasy trio by Addi, I knew I had to give them a go, because even though I was happy with my magic loop method, these were new and different and besides, I had just accidentally destroyed two of my sock rockets. I had talked to another knitter who had tried these out and found them not to be her thing. She got socks with ladders in them, so I did approach with caution. Actually I really, really like em! I have previously happily knitted socks on dpn’s with no ladder issues so I’m guessing that if you can manage the dpn’s well then these might well be for you.

I enjoyed the longish, flexible needle which I found much more user friendly than dpn’s ever were and I liked that the movements in the round were very fluid with a continual movement on and off the spare third needle. I think the knitting in the round felt more fluid than dpn’s simply because of the lack of rigidity. As an added bonus for those of you who are robust with our work, there is a lot less chance of inadvertent damage to your needles (how many bent and broken dpn’s have I had?) due to the inflexibility.

All in all, I’m a fan and I’ve ordered two more sets to replace the broken rockets.

You can find our Crasy Trios listed here on the website.

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