By Rose A. As an avid sock knitter, I have tried a number of different ways to knit socks. In chats with fellow yarnaholics, I have learned that there are certainly different strokes for different folks and there is a huge variety of preference for top down or toe up constructions, dpn’s made of wood, […]

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If you are a lace knitter, blocking wires, mats and t-pins are a must. The finished garment will look nice unblocked, but AMAZING when it is blocked! Blocking stretches out the knitted item. This evens out and better defines the lace motifs. A blocked item will also be 1.5 – 2 times bigger! Lace blocking

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Its time to get busy in the dyeing studio. We have some great new colour ways to offer you. Do you have any yarnbases you would like us to use? Feel free to go to our Yarnarama FaceBook page and enter in the discussions with us. Do you have any colours or themes you would like to

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